Kisska's story began with It Takes a Village in 2013, where she was adopted from the no-kill rescue. From there, we know that the precious pit ended up in Los Angeles, CA. Last month, Kisska ended up in a shelter in L.A. No one is really sure why she landed there as a stray, but thankfully she was micro chipped and It Takes a Village was notified. After a cross-country road trip, Kisska arrived in Evansville on Sunday. We held an impromptu meet and greet with her yesterday at the Eastside Pet Food Center. As you can see from the photos, Kisska has plenty of love and kisses to give!

Kisska It Takes a Village

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What's next for Kisska?

She will be able to go into a foster home, until she's fully checked out by the vet. If you want the chance to give Kisska her for real forever home, fill out an application HERE.

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