Say hello to Max, a stunning 4-year-old German Shepherd whose heart is brimming with love and loyalty. In his search for a forever home, Max longs to be the center of attention, offering unmatched affection to those who seek a devoted and doting furry companion. So, he would be perfect if you only have room for one dog. Our friends at It Takes a Village in Evansville, Indiana have great things to say about Max.

Loving and Loyal

What sets Max apart is his preference for being the sole recipient of love and attention. For those seeking a furry friend that will devote itself entirely to them, Max's loyalty knows no bounds. His striking good looks, combined with a sweet personality that shows in his photos, are sure to capture the hearts of anyone lucky enough to meet him.

Pet of the Week MAX
Pet of the Week MAX

Max Needs His Space

Max is not just a charming friend; he's a well-behaved and obedient dog. This beautiful German Shepherd's ideal home is one that understands and respects his need for a quieter environment. While he adores human interaction, older kids who can appreciate his desire for space would make the perfect companions for Max.

Max loves spending time in nature, going for walks, and engaging in stimulating activities that challenge his sharp mind. Whether it's an afternoon walk through the neighborhood or an exciting adventure to get a pup cup, Max is ready to be your four-legged companion.

See Max in action at ITV from their Reels on Facebook.


Ready for Adoption at It Takes a Village

Max is fully vaccinated and neutered and is prepared to bring joy and warmth to the right family. If you're ready to welcome a loyal and loving companion into your life, Max might just be the perfect match.

To take the next step in making Max a part of your family, apply at today. Arrange a meeting to get to know this incredible canine companion better and discover the joy and love that Max can bring into your life. Don't miss the chance to make Max's dream of a forever home a reality!



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