How many more things are going to happen in 2020 until we hit the reset button?  Not that enough hasn’t happened already but it seems to be one thing after another.  Ready for the next weird thing?  It has to do with our newfound insect friends.

The “Murder Hornet”, that has recently invaded the U.S., is apparently a delicious snack.  Yes, pan-fried hornets are the bee knees…. pun intended.  It’s more popular in Asian cuisines but is now starting to trend here in the states.  If you are looking to get back on track with diet and exercise after quarantine, the “Murder Hornet” is light and a great source of protein.

But what do these things taste like?  If you are a picky eater, you’re in luck because the flavor of the hornet varies.  The bugs take on the flavor of what you cook them in or with.  So, basically you make it what you want.  Not a big fan of seasoning?  Good news!  The “Murder Hornet” tastes like popcorn after it’s cooked.  The downside to that is, it’s popcorn without the butter…darn.

Seeing that these things are edible just puts the cap on how weird things are getting this year.  One day these things are invading and it’s another disaster waiting to happen.  The next restaurants are rolling out menus with sautéed hornets served with a side of fries.  That’s not actually a thing yet but give it time; possibly at your favorite place to get unique food, The Fall Festival.

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