What would we do without music? Music is my passion. I listen to music in the morning,  at home, at my job, (obviously), in the car, while I'm in the shower...pretty much everywhere! I think I need to hear music wherever I go!  But, there's some types of music I absolutely cannot stand to listen to.  

Record Enthusiasts Gather At Musicmania Record Fair 2015
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My musical tastes are very diversified. I love anything I can dance to.  So here are my favorites:  Dance, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock, Country, Latin, Classical, R & B, Reggae, Hip Hop, and Big Band.

For me, I can tolerate pretty much ANY type of music except for loud thrashing heavy metal music that I can't understand a word of because they're usually screaming!  It's just not for me.

From your personal experience, what type or types of music can you NOT stand to listen to at all? We'd love to hear you!  Visit our My 105.3 WJLT Facebook page and leave us your comments.

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