Regardless of whether or not you're a New England Patriots' fan, it's "more likely than not" the NFL will bring down some type of punishment on the team in the wake of the findings in the Wells Report. But what do you think that punishment should be?

I'll freely admit that as a Colts fan, I'd have no problem seeing Tom Brady, Bill Belicheck, or both suspended for a lengthy period of time. That's more because I'm tired of seeing them whoop the Colts nearly every time the two teams meet.

With that said, having almost all circumstantial evidence, and no real hard evidence that Brady point-blank told officials locker room attendant Jim McNally and equipment assistant John Jastremski to under-inflate the footballs, I think a long-term suspension will be difficult to justify.

What will more than likely be Brady's undoing is his adamant denial that he had anything to do with it, or that he even knew who McNally and Jastremski were despite contradictory evidence (albeit still circumstantial) in the form of communications he had with McNally through calls and texts in the days after the game.

Whether you feel it's right or wrong, punishment is coming. What do you think it should be? Cast your vote in our poll below.

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