Maybe it sounds strange to you, but it's a real thing. This Saturday, May 5th The Turning Pointe UMC will host their annual Blessing of the Animals.

Full disclosure here...this is my church. And I'll be honest, before a few years ago I had never heard of such a thing either. But after seeing the response and the growth over the years, I can't imagine our church not doing this.

Pastor, Scott Cassel explains...

"I started the animal blessing because animals are so important to many of us and they enrich our lives so much.  Part of the blessing of Gods creation are the animals. Our church has an official service for this blessing.

We’ve had the expected assortment of dogs and cats over the years, but also some awesome ones. I blessed a snake and my favorite, a crawfish.

People love to feel like their animals are a part of the bigger picture of God’s creation, and like getting a “certificate of blessing” when they come! Plus, everyone gets to meet everyone else’s animals.  So far we haven’t had any fur fly!

All animals, big and small, are welcome...dogs, cats, hamsters, pigs, horses, and any other creature that is important to you.

The Blessing of the Animals is this Saturday, May 5th from 1p-2p in the parking lot of The Turning Pointe United Methodist Church, located at 9800 Middle Mt. Vernon Rd.

And just one more personal side're also welcome to come out to one of our services on Sunday at 9am and 10:30am. I hear the worship leader (that's me by the way) is a big goober but the band is really amazing!



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