Everyone loves a yard sale...right? I've seen some folks here in southern Indiana who really, really love yard sales. They take this stuff seriously! Wherever you fall on the yard sale spectrum, you're invited to a special sale this weekend.

Right off the bat I gotta be 100% transparent and let you know that this is my church I'm talking about here. I consider it a fairly small church, but they've got a BIG mission coming up and they need your help to make it happen.

The Turning Pointe UMC is sending a group of adults and young people to Costa Rica this summer. It's an amazing, exhausting, life-changing experience for those who volunteer their services. It's also pretty expensive. There have been a number of fundraisers so fair this year and there is another one this Saturday, June 15th from 7am-12n.

And this is for folks who are on the hunt for some great buys and also for folks who might be looking to clean out their closets and garages. You are welcome to donate items to the sale and you're most definitely welcome to come buy a whole bunch of stuff!

The Turning Pointe is located at 9800 Middle Mt. Vernon Road on Evansville's west side.

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