In my opinion, the best way to help young people learn is to make it fun - and what could be more fun than playing out in the woods? You don't have to travel far to have some fun in the woods in Evansville - just head down Boeke Road to Wesselman Woods. The folks there certainly love nature and want to pass that love along to the next generation - one of the many ways they do that is with the Junior Forest League.

Wesselman Woods Junior Forest League
Wesselman Woods

The Forest is Your Classroom

The Junior Forest League is an environmental education course for children ages 6-12. The league consists of "classes" that meet every Saturday morning, focusing on various environmental topics that are specific to Southern Indiana, and giving kiddos the chance to engage with their local ecosystem, participate in fun team-building activities and games, and meet and work with other kids their age. The goal of the Junior Forest League is to "ignite a mindset of environmental stewardship and community engagement."

Wesselman Woods Junior Forest League
Wesselman Woods

What Do League Members Do on Saturdays?

Each week, members of the league focus on a different topic, incorporating animal encounters, guided hikes, citizen science projects, and science projects/activities. The classes are from 10am-2pm, and include a snack, however, campers should pack their own lunch. The schedule each week looks like this...

  • 10am-12n: animal encounters, guided hikes, projects, experiments, games, etc.
  • 12n-2p: Lunch and exploration at Nature Playscape or Bird Sanctuary
Wesselman Woods Junior Forest League
Wesselman Woods

Two Different Junior Forest Leagues to Choose From

The Tulip League is for ages 6-9. The Tulip League meets on the first Saturday of every month - October 1, November 5, December 3, January 7, February 4, March 11, and April 8.

The Maple League is for ages 9-12. The Maple League meets on the second Saturday of every month - September 10, October 8, November 12, December 10, January 14, February 11, March 18, and April 15.

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How Much Does the Junior Forest League Cost?

  • $45 per month for non-members (of Wesselman Woods), and $40 per month for members.
  • A package for the entire series is also available - $230 for non-members and $200 for members.

Are You Ready to Sign Up? Do You Have Any Questions?

Find out more and register today here. Questions? Contact WW Director of Environmental Education, Kailene Goldsberry, at 812-479-0771 or via email at

[Source: Wesselman Woods press release]

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