Several residents of Newburgh spent their Sunday assessing and cleaning up damage to their property after a round of severe weather tore through the south part of town along the riverfront as well as the eastern edge around Sharon Elementary School. While some residents were kind enough to allow us to share photos they took of their property (which you can see here), Cliff Weaver went one step further, and sent his drone up into the sky to get a birds eye view of the damage in one of the neighborhoods along the riverfront near the lock and dam.

What I find incredible about the footage is the total randomness of the destruction. Some homes and property appear untouched, while others clearly weren't as fortunate. Take a look for yourself.

Cliff has several drone footage videos of a number of different things. Check out his page to see more.

While it is believed a tornado was to blame for the damage, and pictures are floating around social media to support that theory, it has not officially been ruled a tornado by the National Weather Service yet. However, they did announce on their Twitter account earlier today (Sunday, March 29th, 2020) they were sending representatives to the area today to survey the damage.

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