We've had an icy few days in the Tri-State area thanks to that little winter storm that came through on Wednesday, and while much of the ice on the road has cleared, there's still some ice on sidewalks, and parking lots.  I happen to be very accident prone (you could say it's a gift) so I get really nervous when walking on ice.  It turns out there's actually a correct way to walk on ice so you don't fall, and all you have to do is walk like a penguin.

But how exactly do penguins walk?  I've seen penguins, I've seen them walk, but I've never tried to walk like one.  It turns out when humans walk we distribute our weight evenly on our two legs, so each leg bears half of our weight.  When penguins walk they actually distribute their weight on one leg at a time, so each leg bears all their weight when they take a step.  You also want to distribute your center of gravity over the leg you're taking the step with.  I know clear as mud right?  The video below explains what I mean.

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Some other useful tips when walking on ice are of course to walk slow, and keep your hands out of your pockets. When keeping your hands out of your pockets you're able to brace yourself if you do fall.  I know the winter storm from this week is just about a memory now minus a few leftover ice patches, but next week the experts are predicting some pretty gnarly winter weather heading our way with lots of snow (boooo).  So now is probably a good time to begin practicing your penguin waddle.   Good luck, stay safe, and stay warm!

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