According to a media outlet in Fayetteville, Arkansas, KFSM, representatives with Walmart are saying that the company is testing a store that will have ALL self-checkout counters. Which means no cashiers.

Walmart says that they will continue to have associates standing by to assist with any problems. And, the associate can check your groceries out for you, if you don’t want to.

Even though Walmart says they want this to be a good thing for their customers and associates, but it's sure to be a headache at times. Although, I DO use the self checkout lanes a lot, they seem quite a bit faster to me, until the aren’t. Then it's a huge headache. You know when the scanner can’t pick up the codes, or the card reader is acting all crazy. At this time, there has been no word on when Walmart will be opening up more of these types of stores. If, and when it get’s to the Tristate, it will be different, but it will be ok.

It seems like it’s probably part of money saving measures. Many restaurants and retailers are thinking of other ways to serve the customers. The pandemic and its economic effects will change the way many places do business. Look at Starbucks, they are going to change most of their stories to drive thru only. Maybe Walmart will shift their cashier workforce to more of a curbside pick up part of the stores. Because of COVID-19, the need for not only pick-up, but delivery, is on the rise.

How do you feel about the change?

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