With as many pictures as we take these days, it's bound to happen to all of us sooner or later. I'm talking about a 'scary' picture - not like a Halloween-esque scary pic, but a picture that you're terrified for the world to see. Maybe somebody caught you off guard, maybe you thought the camera was facing away and not toward you, maybe you didn't even know there was as camera around. Whatever the case, we asked you to be brave enough to share those 'scary' pics with us and in return we'd give you a chance to win tickets to see Michael Boooble' in concert in Louisville on March 28th.

We received some awesomely horrible pictures over the past couple of weeks. We narrowed it down to our five favorites, and now we need your votes to determine the winner. Take a look at the finalists below (in no particular order) and then cast your vote in the poll located below the pics. The voting deadline is midnight on Sunday, February 2nd. We will announce the winner on Monday, February 3rd during the MY Morning Show.

1. Jody Carpenter

Buble01-Jody Carpenter

2. Taylor Nau

Buble02-Taylor Nau

3. Katie Sargeant

Buble03-Katie Sargeant

4. Andrew


5. Amy Price

Buble05-Amy Price

Vote now!

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