Mickey's Kingdom is a very special park, named after a very special girl, Mickey Phernetton. She is the daughter of Evansville Police Department Sgt. Patrick Phernetton. Mickey suffers from Prader-Willi Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes constant hunger, and other difficulties.

We helped with the 10-day community build part of the project, so we feel a sense of ownership when it comes to Mickey's Kingdom. Bobby and I are on Mickey's Clean Team, and once a month we head over to the park and pick up trash. There is actually a Clean Team for every day of the month. The Evansville Parks and Recreation Department does their part, of course, this is just our way of giving back.

Saturday, I received a message about a lot of broken glass in the park. I was preparing for my yard sale, so I sent the message to our volunteers.

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The Parks Dept. was able to get most of the glass, but some of our volunteers were able to make it out as well. Shannon Booker messaged me with an update, and a good news ending.

Kids and parents there thanked us for showing up. The Parks Department got the bulk of it but we still found some here and there. The mom that called it in was visiting from Atlanta. They were moved by the plaque and story of Mickey. Some of the kids there stopped playing and started looking for trash to bring to us (lids and string).  I’m still mad at the turds who did it but it felt so good to see the kids pitching in for OUR playground. And maybe they will share the idea with others when they’re there.

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