Amy Canterbury has been on the MY Morning Show several times over the years, but not since Liberty and I starting playing This or That with our guests. We recently had the CEO & President of the United Way of Southwestern Indiana on the show to talk about their annual Day of Sharing, but before could talk about serious stuff, we had to get a little silly.

You see, normally our come on the show and we talk about an upcoming event or organization that's doing great things in our community. That kind of information is 100% important and valuable, but those interviews sometimes feel a little formal, which makes sense considering the usual subject matter. The problem is, we talk to these amazing people and amazing things, but we never get to know anything about them, as real people.

That's why we started playing This or That. By asking a handful of ridiculous questions, we not only break the ice with our guests and get them to relax and feel a little more comfortable, but also get a tiny glimpse of their personality. Hopefully, by learning more about them, you might be more likely to get involved, or support their organization or event.

In talking to Amy, I learned that she's a HUGE Billy Joel man, just like me...and likes to play golf, just like me. We actually agreed on a few questions, although she and I could NOT be further apart on her very first question. So, please take a listen to This or That and learn something new about the United Way's head honcho here in southwestern Indiana.

Amy Canterbury - This or That

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