A tree company has been doing some work on my street this week, and what was left behind cost me $250! Maybe you've seen the tree trimmers in Evansville, cleaning up trees around power lines. So, how did it cost me so much money? A one-inch wood scrap actually flattened a tire on my car.

How in the world did this happen? Well, first of all, it was my husband Doug's car. Something you need to know about him to really appreciate this - He is obsessed with tire safety. Anytime the pressure is off a bit, he heads to the air machine at the gas station. So, if a tiny splinter was going to completely ruin someone's tire, it was destined to happen to us.

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Let's take a look at this evil splinter of doom

Photo: Liberty

This little dagger of wood took out a whole tire! It punctured the tire beyond repair.

D. DeWig

See all of the little wood chunks and splinters? Some of it was on the road, and that is how the tire went flat.

D. DeWig

Since you can't just buy one tire because it will be uneven, we had to buy two tires. This all happened after 3:00 PM which is usually my naptime. We were finally back home with the new tires after 7:00 PM. We are grateful that the team at Discount Tires stayed past their open hours to finish our car.

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