Her name is Julie Hoon and her title is Vice President of Philanthropy for Youth First. Liberty and I realized that's kind of a difficult title to repeat too many times, so we just like to call her the Queen of Fundraising.

I'm pretty sure Julie is the only guest who knew exactly what we were talking about when we told her we wanted to play This or That. Everyone else, so far, has needed a quick explanation. Not Julie though, she knows what's up and she was excited to play!

Fundraising is not an easy thing, and I wanted to know what Julie loves about being the Vice President of Philanthropy at Youth First.

I love my job because I LOVE helping kids! Youth First is committed to cared-for kids, and we exist to strengthen youth and families. My motto in life is “Choose Joy”, and every day I have the joy of inviting people to support our mission. We have amazing donors who value charity and children, and I am honored to work with them as they attain their inner philanthropist. I myself am a proud donor! I donate to Youth First, I donate to many wonderful Evansville nonprofit organizations, I donate to the ALS Association in honor of my mom, and I donate to my alma mater, Texas A&M University. I encourage everyone to find a mission or a cause they love, and donate! Donate time, talent and treasure…or all three! Life is short, so why not spend it choosing joy for yourself and others?

Wow...I think that says it all!

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