The Evansville Rescue Mission's President and CEO, Tracy Gorman, is one of our favorite people - I can't believe it's taken us this long to get him in the This or That hot seat. His episode wasn't even planned actually. We were on the phone with his son, Kyle, getting ready to play This or That with him. When we wrapped that up, Tracy jumped on the phone and said "I can't wait to hear what kind of questions you have for me!" He was so excited to play - so Liberty and I put him on hold while we quickly came up with some questions for him. We get him back on the phone and off we go.

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We had a good round with Tracy - he's a fun guy, so we expected nothing less. Tracy was confident with his answers and had thoughtful explanations to defend his case. Things were moving right along, that is until we got to question #4 - that's where the interview started to go off the rails just a bit when Liberty asked a question related to Guy Fieri. Unbeknownst to me, Tracy is a pretty fan of Guy Fieri's food and has a pretty strong opinion about his restaurants - and we know that Liberty is a self-proclaimed Guy Fieri superfan. So next thing I know, Tracy and Liberty are just going on and on about Guy, and his burgers, and his chicken, and his restaurants. I'm pretty sure they would still be talking about Guy if I hadn't stepped in to steer our ship back on course. Somebody had to. Haha!

If you've met Tracy, then you know how awesome he is, along with everyone else at the Evansville Rescue Mission, and I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to our silly game. If you don't know Tracy, now is a great chance to learn a little bit about the ERM's main man. Take four minutes and listen to this week's episode of This or That. Thanks!

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