Ok, don't freak out, it's just an ultrasound of my defective gallbladder!

For the past several months, I've been dealing with weird stomach issues. Sometimes, I feel like I'm starving, yet full at the same time. I'm bloated, and my upper stomach just plain hurts. I'm nauseated and can throw up on command. So, my doctor said it's more than likely my gallbladder. Yay. I had an ultrasound in April, to see if there were gall stones. Negative on the stones, but, my gallbladder wasn't doing it's job. When that happens, it's called Cholecystitis, or as I call it, "Garbage Gallbladder".

Photo by Liberty

What's even more fun than that? Waiting too long to get the gallbladder removed, and it starts making your other organs angry.

Meet my angry pancreas.
Photo by Liberty

Then, you wind up spending a night or weekend in the hospital. Not the summer vacation I had planned. I had some blood work done, and turns out, my Pancreas was not happy. That's called Pancreatitis. Double yay.

For the cost of a vacation, I spent the night in a hospital. Photo by Liberty

So, now I get to have surgery. Everyone says it's a simple procedure, only 1 person told me they died for a few seconds on the table <Insert terrified emoji> Hopefully, I'll be good as new on Monday!