I remember stressing about what I would wear to the sophomore prom, if anyone asked me. My family didn't have money for school supplies, so a fancy dress was completely out of the question. This problem quickly resolved itself, because no one asked me to the prom. That's okay I guess, since Hangers didn't exist when I was in high school.

Thankfully, EVSC students have Hangers, a resource that not only supplies clothing and school supplies, but also personal hygiene products to students in need. Sometimes requests come in that seem impossible to fill, but thanks to donations, stories like the one Dave Schutte shared are possible.

Praying not to win
Most of us this week were praying to win the West Side Nut Club half-pot. How about praying not to win?
Last week at Hangers I received just such a call. A distraught mother calling to implore us to help her find her daughter a dress, some shoes and a coat.
"What kind of dress?" I asked. "To go to the dance," her mother said. Not being aware of any dances, I called around and found out that there were some homecoming events this week. It seems our high school girl was elected to homecoming court, and she was "praying not to win."
"I am so happy there is a place like Hangers," she said. "I can't afford to buy a dress like my friends, so I was hoping I would not win."
A coat, a dress, some slippers, ruby perhaps, and a smile, she was just like everyone else in that homecoming court, just as it should be, thanks to a place like Hangers.
- Dave
P.S. We kindly seek your support to gear up for the winter months either financially or by sharing this post to bring awareness to supporting young people in our school community. Thank you!
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