I spent the last few days quarantined in my bedroom. OMG, for this extrovert, I thought my head was going to pop off. I had a stomach virus which had me violently puking for HOURS and laying on my bathroom floor in my own sweat.

It's crazy how the body works. I was doing everything in my power to meditate and "will" myself not to throw up, but I knew it was just a matter of time.

That time came and my body was trying to get rid of ALL the contents of my stomach. My body took over - I had no control. In that moment I thought- THIS IS THE WORST THING EVER. I also said that about childbirth, but honestly I have no idea which is worse because we have a built-in forgetter. Thank God for that.

After James (my husband) helped me up off the floor and back into bed, he literally threw a bottle of Gatorade on the bed and closed the door and yelled, "I am sleeping in Jude's room, I love you, but I don't want that!"

I did try to will myself better, maybe it worked, who knows. I just know that this time I was one grumpy girl. I kept trying to get out of the bedroom and James would yell for me to get back in the bedroom. LOL, I wanted so badly to feel better.

Being sick stinks, I think to have the stomach flu is the worst, I can't think of anything that is worse. Can you?

What is worse than having the stomach flu? Comment below!

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