Congratulations to our finalists for the $15,000.00 Custom Building Job from Daviess County Metal Sales!  The contest will be held this Saturday, October 28th at the Franklin Street Bazaar at 10am.  And here's our list of My 105.3 WJLT qualifiers!  

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

(The above picture is not the prize)

  1. Eric Buchanan
  2. Nicole Clifford
  3. Michelle Flynn-Campbell
  4. Linda Freeman
  5. Ashley Hartig
  6. Evan Hatchett
  7. Matt Hendricks
  8. James Herring
  9. Tiffany Hoon
  10. Donna Kaiser
  11. Ora Martin
  12. Sandy Marvel
  13. Jason McDaniel
  14. Wendy Menke
  15. Jonathan Myers
  16. Lesley Nettles
  17. Ryan Rexing
  18. Charles Ries (please get in touch with us at 812-425-4226)
  19. Ron Roos
  20. Ken Scheller
  21. Olivia Schneider
  22. Jeremy Secrest
  23. Susan Kemper
  24. Lukeus Vaughan
  25. James Wilhide

Good luck from all of us at My 105.3 WJLT!



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