Talk about an odd couple. From the outside you'd never think that a former boy band superstar and an 80-year-old former taxi driver would have any reason to hang out. But you never know what type of circumstances can bring people together.

Louis Tomlinson, formerly of One Direction, recently met Richard, a widower grieving the loss of his wife of 60 years. After spending some time together, the two men realized they were both mourning the loss of loved ones. Tomlinson lost his mom and his sister recently. They also discovered that they share a love of music...and singing.

After hearing that Richard and his wife had an unfinished bucket list, Louis decided to help his new friend check some more items off that list...including riding a roller coaster, getting a tattoo, driving a race car, taking the stage to perform together, and more. And Louis took it one step further, turning their adventures into a video for a song he wrote for his mother.

Warning: This is one of the sweetest things you'll see today. The hairs on my arm are still standing!

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