We asked our Facebook follwers for their favorite Tri-state businesses or restaurants that they wished were still around.  Here are the results of your favorite Top 20 Places in the Tri-State you wished were still here today:

Sir Beef

Honey Fluff Donuts

Elliott's Steakhouse



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Weinbach Cafeteria

Smokey Bones

Don Pablo's Mexican Restaurant


Noble Roman's



Chi Chi's

The Tennessean

Starlite Drive-In, Henderson, KY

Fox and Hound

Farmer's Daughter

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Village Saloon

Here are some other places in the Tri-State you still miss and wished were still around:

  1. One Price Clothing
  2. Books a Million
  3. The Pub
  4. Double R Restaurant
  5. Bonanza
  6. The Baby Shop
  7. Right Price Clothing
  8. Morrison's
  9. Show Bar
  10. Evansville Drive-In
  11. Sunset Drive-In
  12. Westside Drive-In
  13. Paul's Tavern
  14. Franklin Pastry
  15. USA Skate Rink
  16. Border's Bookstore
  17. Jo Jo's
  18. Burdette Park's skating rink
  19. K-Mart
  20. Nanny and Poppy's Pizza
  21. The Gold Mine Arcade - Eastland Mall
  22. Children's Palace
  23. Macs BBQ
  24. Village Inn Pizza
  25. Tooties, Newburgh

The above lists were obtained from our FB page comments.  We'd like to thank all of you for your participation!  #ClosedButNotForgotten

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