We have so many awesome people doing awesome things in communities all over Evansville, but often times we just don't hear about them - that's why I absolutely love being able to share great information like this.

I want you to remember the name MARIAMA WILSON. Why? Because she is a hero. Heroes come in all different shapes and sizes, and anyway you slice it, Mariama fits the description. Community One and the Tepe Park Neighborhood Association made it official this week, naming Mariama s Tepe Park’s 2021 Neighborhood Hero. She is an impressive woman, for sure. After hearing her story, there is no doubt the association made the right choice.

Wilson is a powerful force for good for her family and in her community.  She noticed an increase in gun violence in her community in 2013.  After experiencing the pain from attending too many funerals for her friends’ children, she knew something had to change.

Mariama started and leads MASK – Mothers Against Senseless Killings.  Their mission is to improve the quality of our city for our children by demonstrating love and non-violence.  Members of MASK gather together to patrol and be a positive presence in places where crime is high or where there have been past issues with violence.

Gun violence hits close to home for Mariama.  Her son was caught in crossfire and struck in the head by a bullet.  She understands how hard it can be to engage mothers who have lost their children and the importance of being sensitive to their journey.  MASK provides an opportunity for those who have experienced loss to lean on each other and play an active role in preventing future violence.

Congratulations Mariama, on an honor well deserved.

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Community One transforms the city of Evansville from the inside out by helping neighbors love their neighbors. They do this by connecting and mobilizing people from every corner of the community to serve one another through tangible acts of love. By coming together and helping one another, every neighbor and neighborhood can share and experience social, physical, and spiritual restoration.

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