Target is changing up the way shoppers check out and pay for purchases. The goal is to provide a faster and more efficient customer experience, but it also seems a little impersonal.

 Enhanced Express Checkout

Self-checkout is either a love or hate way to pay at Target or any store for that matter. If there are only two cashiers open there is a good chance that I will head to the self-checkout. But recently, I was met with a new type of anxiety - 10 Items or Less. I've worked in retail and grocery, so I have full respect for the rules of the store.

PHOTO: checkout
PHOTO: checkout

This is supposed to make the self-check option quicker and perhaps more cashiers will have lanes open for those of us with 11 items. There is an 8 out of 10 chance that I will need a cashier's assistance because I didn't bag something quick enough.


Target Adds Paid Membership Option

If you really love Target, you now have an option of paying for a membership. Why in the world would you want to do that? Well, Target officials say that this will offer special offers and perks that might make it worth the fee.

Target Circle 360, with free same-day delivery from Target’s same-day delivery service, Shipt, and its more than 100 retail partners. Best of all: It’s delivered in as little as an hour with no delivery fees. You’ll also gain access to free 2-day shipping and the ability to deliver to your door — or someone else’s. Cost:  Upgrade to Target Circle 360 with a free trial or $99 annual membership. If you have a Target Circle Card, you can enjoy a Target Circle 360 membership for $49 annually.
PHOTO: checkout
PHOTO: checkout

Leave the Checkbook at Home

I think that we have a checkbook at home, but I honestly have no idea when I last used it. Sometimes you have to mail a bill or something, but writing a check at any store is almost unheard of. Almost.

Beginning July 15, 2024, Target stores will no longer accept personal checks for payment at the cash registers. This is mainly because of the few checks they actual get and to save guests time at the checkout.

Target company spokesman Brian Harper-Tibaldo:

“Target is committed to creating an easy and convenient checkout experience, and that includes providing our guests with numerous ways to pay, including our new Target Circle Cards (formerly known as Target RedCard); cash; digital wallets; SNAP/EBT; buy now, pay later services; and credit and debit cards.”

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