Tonight my husband and I had to have a conversation with our son Jude about sexual abuse because of an incident at his school. Friday, we learned sheriffs deputies arrested a third grade Scott Elementary teacher on charges of molesting one of his students during class.

We knew the kids will probably be talking about it on the bus and school and wanted to make sure he received information from us before school tomorrow.

When Jude was 4, we started talking to him about his "bathing suit" area —people touching it and what to do if he feels uncomfortable. I revisit this with him every year around the time of his physical with his Pediatrician. We do role playing, and I have him practice different scenarios.

James reminded me tonight of something. When we were kids, we were taught "stranger danger" -- but now we know the people who are doing these horrible things to children are not strangers at all. They are teachers, neighbors, family and everything in between.

We had the conversation. I probably should have the conversation more than once a year. Either way, it sucks I have to talk to him about it at all but it is the world we live in.

On a side note: Scott School has done an incredible job communicating with parents, holding meetings and giving resources for us all.

Resources for families: 

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