Buying a home is usually a much better value than renting. When you are first starting out, you probably won't be able to afford the home of your dreams. I did a little research in the Evansville real estate market and found three homes that have a lot of possibilities.

Keep in mind, when you are looking for a starter home, you are not going to find fancy kitchens, open concepts, or more than one bathroom. Watching too many episodes of HGTV's House Hunters has spoiled us into thinking that we can find everything we want in a home, and have it all under budget.

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When we bought our home in 2013, I was desperate for literally any house. I even cried when we lost out on one during an auction. Turns out being a little patient, and doing some research can go a long way. One of the realtors that showed us a tiny starter home, told us about foreclosures. Now, you really never know what condition these will be in, but it could be your best bet for a great value.

Foreclosures usually don't stay on the market very long. We were very lucky to find ours. I think we looked at it and put in the offer on the same day. It wasn't exactly move-in ready, but with just a little work we were able to move in. Since then, we have significantly raised the value by updating the bathroom and kitchen.

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