As we continue to help St. Jude in their efforts to treat childhood cancer, I wanted to share something else about St. Jude that I think is really, really cool.  That really cool thing is their “Teen Scene”.  A place just for teenagers who are being treated at St. Jude.

The Teen Program at St. Jude is for kids who are 13 and older who have been diagnosed.  Within this program, they have what are called Child Life Specialists.  The job of the Child Life Specialist is to help teenagers feel less stressed as they go through treatment.  One way of doing this is by helping kids understand everything that is going on around them in the hospital.  This doesn’t just mean giving them the how and why but the specialists also help prepare patients for upcoming procedures and test that they might need.

Another cool part of the Teen Program is the “Teen Room” at St. Jude.  This room is just for the teens.  No doctors, nurses, or parents are allowed in this room.  This gives patients time to be with people their own age who are going through the same thing.  It gives the kids a chance to be kids.  They can play video games, watch movies, play pool, and more.  Plus, the Child Life Specialists plan different group actives for everyone to enjoy.  One of these activities being the Teen Formal.

I think that it is so cool that St. Jude has programs like these for teenagers.  It gives them a chance to still feel somewhat normal while they go through something no kid should have to go through.  Check out more about the St. Jude Teen Program right here.

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