Once again this year we've partnered with Eyewitness News WEHT, Pet Food Center, Hill's Science Diet,  and Roofclaim.com to help 'Stock the Shelters'. We're making it easy for pet lovers to help out. From now until December 31, 2021,  while you're shopping for your own fur babies for Christmas at any Tri-State Pet Food Center location, pick up something extra to donate to a local shelter.

We'll make sure it ends up in good 'Paws'. You can also make a monetary donation at the register.

Pet Food Center Locations

East Evansville, IN 2920 N. Green River Road
West Evansville, IN 2334 W Franklin St.
North Evansville, IN 4036 N 1st Avenue
Newburgh, IN 603 W. Main St.
Owensboro, KY 2744 Frederica Street

Items Needed:

    • Blankets
    • Litter
    • Food
    • Dog treats
    • Kongs or Chew bones
    • Leashes
    • Laundry detergent
    • Tall kitchen trash bags
    • Flea treatment (cat or dog)
    • Any brand heartworm preventative
    • Disinfecting Wipes
    • Pill Pockets
    • Puppy/Kitten Milk Replacer
    • Puppy pads
    • Cleaning Supplies

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