Thanksgiving in the USA is celebrated once a year in November.  Some Americans will celebrate the holiday more than once, and it's not because they're gluttons!  Like my own family, we're all scattered across the USA.


Jack Puccio

Since, my own children don't live here anymore, we make an effort to visit them if they cannot make it home for the holidays.  This year, Mike and I will travel to Indy to be with my daughter, Jaclyn and her family for Thanksgiving.  When we return home, we will host a Thanksgiving celebration with my husband's side of the family over the weekend which will include about 25 people. It'll be a crazy but happy time!

So, we celebrate Thanksgiving twice, just like we have in year's past.  It doesn't help the waistline, but we do what we gotta do! I know of some other local families that will split their time between both sets of parents/families and celebrate Thanksgiving more than once, too!

This year I will miss being with Eric & Hayley for the holidays.  But, then again, I just spent a good week in England with the two of them for their wedding ceremony just weeks ago!

Wherever your travels take you, I wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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