I'm trying to make a lemonade out of the sour lemon known as COVID-19. Not only is it attacking our health, but it has taken away many of my favorite things including concerts. Thank goodness we have social media to connect us with our favorite artists. Rob Thomas has started a 'Social Distance Sessions' movement. So, let's enjoy some beautiful music and forget about what's happening outside, for at least a little while. Oh, and pray that the world is back to normal before Matchbox Twenty goes on tour later this summer.

  During these uncertain times the entire world is shutting itself down. Part of that means that people aren’t going out and enjoying live music or any entertainment. I’m kicking this off and I invite all my brothers and sisters in the music world to go on Instagram and share a little something with people to help them while they hunker down in their homes.

That one time when we talked with Rob:

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