One of the most anticipated TV shows of 2022 has got to be season 4 of the Netflix original series Stranger Things. After impatiently waiting for nearly three years, fans (myself included) were chomping at the bit to see what would happen next to our friends from Hawkins, Indiana. Little did we know that two of the new characters introduced in season 4 would make such an impression on us. There can be no doubt that Eddie Munson (played brilliantly by Joseph Quinn) stole the show and our hearts this season - but there is another equally important character that is getting some love here in the Hoosier state.

I'm Not Talking About Sweaters and Socks

It didn't take long for fans to fall in love with Argyle, (Eduardo Franco) the pot-smoking, pizza-slinging best friend to series regular Jonathan. There's no doubt that Argyle was there to provide some much-needed comic relief during what turned out to be a pretty dark, heavy season. Argyle makes his money delivering pies for Surfer Boy Pizza, a fictional pizza shop that makes everything fresh except for their pineapple, which comes in a can. Argyle loves putting pineapple on pizza.

Two Farmers Burgers and Beignets
Two Farmers Burgers and Beignets via Facebook

From the West Coast to the Midwest

Argyle's tropical tastebuds have influenced a food truck all the way over here in the midwest. Two Farmers Burgers and Beignets, out of Mt. Carmel, IL, recently revealed the newest addition to their menu - the Surfer Boy Pizza Burger. For this beautiful belly buster, they took their "Classic Smashburgers and topped them with Provolone, Pizza Seasoning, Pizza Sauce, and Grilled Pineapple."

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Are You Ready to Try It?

I know you're ready to hit the road and try one of those Surfer Boy Pizza Burgers, but before you can do that, you've got to track down the Two Farmers Burgers and Beignets food truck. They are staying busy in 2022, putting lots of miles on the food truck as they make stops all around the area. Visit their Facebook page to see when Two Farmers will be in Princeton, Fort Branch, Evansville, and Vincennes in Indiana, and in Mt. Carmel, IL.

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