Yesterday was a weird day; It was my first day back to work from a vacation in Pennsylvania; I had a surgery performed on my back to have a spinal cord stimulator installed in my body...  It just felt really weird.


My surgery required the assistance of anesthesia, which makes anybody feel loopy sometimes for hours after its administration.  After my procedure, which had me fasting for over 21 hours, my wife took me to a Burger King drive-thru here in Evansville since I wouldn't shut up about how hungry I was.  Long story short, I LITERALLY was unsure if my eyes were deceiving me when I saw what I saw.


I ordered my standard #3 with no tomato and I also added on 10 nuggets because they're only $1.49 and I hadn't eaten in nearly 22 hours.  Like a mirage, my eyes started focusing on an image on their drive-thru promotional items.  I thought I was seeing them advertising a TACO!  For only a dollar, no less.

Puzzled and still likely feeling the effects of the anesthesia, I asked the young man taking my order, "Does that sign say that you have tacos?"

"Yes."  He responded.  "We started selling them today."


Before this menu-board, I had heard absolutely NOTHING of a Burger King taco.  It didn't even look very appetizing on the sign, but I was so intrigued by this possibility that I had to order one!  "OK, I've GOT to try this!  I'll take one of those, please."


All I could think about for the rest of the trip home was the taco in my Burger King bag.  When I got it home, it was the first item I unwrapped and consumed...  I mean, it was a TACO that I ordered from BURGER KING!

Photo: The Rob Hirschbuhl
Photo: The Rob Hirschbuhl

So, I imagine most people are asking themselves, "Well, how was it?  Is it any good?"  In short, no, not really.  It was contained in a weird colorless shell that did a better job of keeping the crunchy taco crunchy than even Taco Bell shells, but lacked the taste and flavor of its competitor.  I've been asked several times if the meat tasted like leftover burger meat, and I don't THINK it was the same meat used in the burgers, but I've been wrong before.  Despite containing taco sauce, I found my least favorite thing about the taco was how dry it was.  The trace amounts of lettuce and cheese did little to flavor the dish, and it really would have benefited from some sour cream.  It wasn't awful, I'd give it a 3/10 I guess.


In conclusion, even though I don't recall seeing or hearing an advertisement for Burger Kings selling tacos, at least here in Evansville at the moment, you can.  SHOULD you, on the other hand, is a different question.  It's a $1 taco made in a Burger King...  You get what you deserve.

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