Don't worry, your Burger King account didn't get hacked and you didn't order chicken fries in your sleep––these blank email receipts are an internal error from the fast food chain.

On Tuesday morning, thousands of Burger King customers received blank receipts in their email, leading them to believe they'd unintentionally ordered a meal or been hacked through the BK app.

Apparently, the mistake was due to an "internal processing error," and isn't anything to worry about.

“Thank you for ordering from Burger King!” the message read. “Your order will be ready to be picked up at Burger King located at [blank].”

This declaration was followed by a blank receipt.

It's understandable that the oversight would cause panic in some customers, as phishing attempts and data breaches do happen.

But luckily, this Burger King blunder seems to be just an error from their official marketing email address.

Burger King customers came together via social media to share their confusion over the incident.

"I too am a victim of the blank burger king receipt email," one user wrote on Twitter.

Another included a screenshot of the email, captioned with, "Burger King just making up sh-- now."

Naturally, many approached the faux pas with humor, as the internet does.

"I just got this blank burger king receipt in my email, is this how a horror movie starts," one user tweeted.

If there's one thing social media users are gonna do, it's come together on the internet to discuss viral happenings.

Another user wrote, "Jumped onto twitter to see if anyone else got that weird burger king email. glad it's not just me thought I got scammed."

Some people even theorized the emails were all part of an elaborate marketing scheme to push attention onto the restaurant, since the internet is the best source of said attention.

"Loving the free publicity #burgerking is getting from accidentally sending everyone a blank receipt. Very clever marketing," user @spooks87 noted on Twitter.

Meanwhile, some people were even more confused, being that they don't use the Burger King app. It's unclear if Burger King emailed only people in their app database, or if the email included people in their general marketing database as well.

But one person tweeted, "Did anyone get a blank Burger King receipt in their email? I’m just confused, I never eat there.”

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