I recently wrote an article about one great way to get rid of old blankets or towels or even big pieces of material. I suggested that instead of just throwing them away, you should instead donate them to an animal shelter or veterinarian's office. I had never really considered that, but it makes total sense. You might love animals, but may not have any extra money to donate - but I bet you have some old blankets or towels you could donate. During this time of year, donations like that are so important for the animals in these shelters.

The goal is for animals to spend as little time in the shelter as possible, either by adopting or fostering, but spending time at the shelter can't be totally avoided. We might as well make the time spent there as comfortable as possible, right? I mean, I have to imagine a happy dog is more likely to get adopted than a grumpy one - and one thing that I know makes dogs happy is a soft blanket.

My dog, Max, has become such a blanket connoisseur (i.e. snob), and he has us so well trained, that he will not jump up onto the couch until we have laid down one of his pre-approved blankets. He will sit there and look at us, then look at the couch, and then back us. He will do this until we realize that his highness needs a blanket. As soon as we lay one down, he's up there getting comfy on his throne.

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Speaking of happy dogs, I gotta give a big shout out to Tangila Smith from It Takes a Village. She heard us talking about donating blankets to shelters and she sent us a bunch of pictures of happy dogs, enjoying donated blankets there at ITV. Some are snoozing, some are playing, some are just sitting there smiling. They are ALL adorable, and they are all grateful for their blankets.

11 Adorable Shelter Dogs Enjoying a Donated Blanket

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