I had a random thought over the weekend, that led me on a pretty interesting, Presidential fact-finding mission. Does the Vice President live in the White House? Answer: No! I really thought that the White House was big enough to hold several families, but the VP has their own home.

Number One Observatory Circle is the official home for the Vice President and her family. It looks like a regular mansion - Like any of those are regular! It has 33 rooms, multiple fireplaces and 9,000 square feet. The grounds cover 72 acres, and it's only around two miles from the White House. It hasn't been open for public tours like the White House, so most of the photos or videos come from news outlets.

The house was built in 1893 on the grounds of the Navel Observatory. There are two cool telescopes in the house, and the Atomic Clock that keeps the official time. Vice Presidents have called Number One Observatory Circle home since 1974. Before that, they didn't have primary residence, and sometimes stayed in hotels.

Before the Vice President moves in, they can 'Shop' for new furniture at a special warehouse. It's paid for through the Vice Presidents Residence Foundation.

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