Just when I start to think that I am a kinda-sorta creative individual, someone comes along and reminds me that I'm actually just a big blob of cellular tissue. That's what my friend Andrea Halbig just did!

Andrea owns Snickerdoodle Art on Franklin Street, and she was recently commissioned to paint a mural for Oak Hill Elementary School. She met with Oak Hill principle Marissa Zimmer to discuss the theme, and then got to work on the masterpiece. Just this week, Andrea unveiled that would greet students when they come back to school in a couple weeks...and it is awesome.

Halbig says "It's so fun highlighting what makes each school special! I cant wait for the kids to see this when they come back to school. This mural is courtesy of a partnership between Townsquare Media and SnickerDoodle Art!"

Andrea Halbig/Snickerdoodle Art
Andrea Halbig/Snickerdoodle Art

The mural is even more impressive when you learn about the significance of the items depicted. Each letter, and the pictures within, represents a different student program at Oak Hill elementary, making this mural a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork specific to this school. How cool!

O: the lighthouse represents the Leading In Me program

A: the chess team is a big deal at Oak Hill!

K: the student led news broadcast is called Cats Chronicle

H: the Oak Hill basketball and volleyball teams, as well a unit on roller skating

I: playing keyboards in music class

L: Academics

L: Art

Check out the gallery below for more pics of Andrea, her helper, and the amazing mural.

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