If you have a teenager, you've probably heard all about the popular Youtubers and stars of TikTok. I know that my son is an aspiring gamer / YouTuber. He insists that with enough followers, he can make money, and we can all retire. That seems like a ridiculous life plan, right? Well, actually there are a lot of young folks creating a new category of careers out of Social Media. But, are they really making money?

There is a group of around 10 top TikTok creators that live together in a house in L.A. and the rent is only $49,500 monthly. Yes, basically $50,000 a month, so I'm guessing they really are making money.

The 'Hype House' even has a line of merchandise.

@thehypehouseNew house tour @bangenergy @bangenergy.ceo♬ original sound - The Hype House


See Inside the 'Hype House' Where Successful TikTok Creators Live

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