The Bell Witch Cave is located outside of Clarskville Tennessee. It's about an hour and 50 minutes to drive there from the Tri-State, and it's definitely worth the short road trip.  The Bell Witch cave is available for tours, where you can go and see the haunted hot spot for yourself.

According to the legend of the Bell Witch, the Bell Witch tormented a farmer, John Bell, and his family for years at their Tennessee home. The legend has it that she took responsibility for John Bell's death, and tortured the family so much that his daughter called off her engagement.  She clearly doesn't take too kindly to humans.  Which makes visiting the Bell Witch Cave extra scary.  So would you be brave enough to tour the infamous Bell Witch Cave?  Even the guys of Ghost Adventures braved the Bell Witch Cave, and they had quite the scary experience.

Tours last about an hour and are $12/person to tour the Bell Witch Cave.  You can also take a tour of the Bell Cabin, which is a replica of the Bell family's 1800's home.  That tour is an additional $8.  For their seasonal information, and hours of operation, you can check out  I know I'd love to check it out once weather warms up!

Check out these creepy images from insides the Bell Witch Cave courtesy of

See Inside The Bell Witch Cave Located in Tennessee

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