Let's talk about the qualities one needs to be a law enforcement officer, i.e., all of the qualities I DON'T have - qualities like bravery, patience, discipline, integrity, and compassion. I imagine that is what's needed and expected from the men and women who are out there patrolling the streets every day. Now, let's talk about what it takes to be a School Resource Officer, which might be an even tougher job. You take all of those qualities I mentioned, and then combine that with the unpredictability of children - with kids that have no filter and/or kids that think they know it all - it takes a special breed to perform that job.

One such man who is, most definitely, a special breed is Todd Schimmell. Todd is a Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Deputy and a school resource officer. Actually, Todd is much, much more than that - he is also a husband, father, published poet and author, and an all-around great guy. The video below is just one example of that.

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While spending some time at St. Joseph School on Evansville's west side, Deputy Schimmell decided to partake in PE class with a group of second graders. Looks to me like a serious game of Roshambo, more commonly known as Rock-Paper-Scissors, combined with a little cardio work. Take a look and just watch how much fun everyone, including Todd, is having. Of course, Todd is having a blast because he's rolling through the competition, at first - he finally does meet his match though.

What I love to see, as the camera pans to the right, is the excitement from the team of kiddos trying to get past Todd. It's hilarious to see their frustration each time Todd advances in the game, but the best part is about 25 seconds in when Todd finally gets defeated - the team (especially the last kid in line) explodes with joy!

On a side note - does anyone else think it's stinking hilarious to watch second graders play Rock-Paper-Scissors? Their little hand gestures are cracking me up! Also, was anyone else worn out just from watching the kids do all that hopping? I need a nap.

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