I think we all have that one celebrity that we would love to meet and have a conversation with. For me, that person is Rob Thomas. His music has had a huge impact on my life, since 1997, when I first heard 'Push'. I remember going to K Mart, to buy the cassette - I later upgraded to the CD. I finally had the opportunity to see Rob in concert, during a solo tour at The Ryman in Nashville. That was 5 years ago!

Photo by Liberty - 2014

In 2015, I made the trip to Nashville, to see him live, again. The set lists and arrangements of the songs are always different, so every show has been worth seeing. My poor husband, Doug, waited with me by the dumpsters, in an alley for 2 hours before this particular show, so I could try to meet him. This is as close as I got:

Rob Thomas's Arm - Liberty

Last month, I again made the trip to Nashville, for the Chip Tooth Tour stop. I got to meet one of his openers, Abby Anderson. She was super nice, but still, it was a 'NO' on my request for a Meet and Greet with Rob.

Abby Anderson - Liberty

Wednesday, I'll see Rob's show at The Palace in Louisville (The first venue that I saw Matchbox 20). I was able to secure some ticket giveaways, but the interview request and meet and greet requests were still up in the air, until yesterday. To say that my head was able to explode during this entire interview, is an understatement! You can tell how starstruck and nervous I am, during the call. I had some notes scribbled down, just to try and stay focused. Now, of course, I'm thinking about all of the things I could've asked, and stories I could've told him. Like, why didn't I tell him the dumpster story? What celebrity wouldn't want to know the lengths that their fans go to, just for a selfie! So, as you listen to this, just know that I'm seriously having a bucket list thing happening, and I'm happy that I get to share it with you!