Tuesday, May 12th is recognized as "Limerick Day," so you know we had to celebrate somehow. When Liberty and I were planning the show, we thought it'd be fun to have a limerick competition. Liberty likes to make everything into a contest - and she is VERY competitive - and while I really don't mind losing, I really enjoy beating her. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

I didn't give it another thought for the rest of the day, not until I was reminded of the challenge this morning. Oh crap, I have no idea what to write about! So Lib and I start working on our limericks, and since it's a competition, we're keeping them to ourselves. I look over from time to time and I see Liberty giggling while she works on her limerick. Now I'm feeling even more pressure because I figure she's writing some kind of masterpiece and I don't even have my first line! Well fear not, I was suddenly hit with inspiration at the last minute, and we were both able to complete our limericks. Now we need YOU to tell us who's is better.

What is a limerick? Limericks are short poems of five lines that have a AABBA rhyme structure. That means the first two lines rhyme...the third and fourth lines rhyme (but different from the first two)...and the fifth line rhymes with the first two. Makes sense? It's important to keep that in mind while judging. Read both limericks and then vote for the one you like best.

Bobby's Limerick

Let me tell you about my friend named Lib
About my radio partner I can’t fib
She’s short and quirky
And always quite perky
And way, way too easy to rib!

Liberty's Limerick

There once was a city called Evansville
Looking for a mayor to fit the bill
Mayor Winnecke was up to the challenge
He’s really fixed up the greenway passage
Mayor Winnecke has a license to chill!

Before you vote, you might want to hear these masterpieces in our own voice. More importantly, you need to hear how Liberty justifies using "challenge" and "passage" as a rhyme. Now you see/hear why she's so :easy to rib!" Haha!

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