This morning, Colts fans woke up to an exciting rumor.  Brandon Marshall could be headed to Indianapolis! Wait... Really?!



As Jason Cole of Bleacher Report noted this morning, the Colts appear to be "locked in" on acquiring the All-Pro wideout.  This is a wild and unexpected proposition for the Colts offense.  Indianapolis is already an explosive unit, but the prospects of adding one of the best receivers in the game could take that offense up yet another notch.  The Marshall rumor comes in the midst of some potential changes at the position:

  • Reggie Wayne, if he returns will have a tough road ahead.   He is 36 years old, has gone through off-season triceps surgery and is an unrestricted free agent.  The sides will have to come to a mutual agreement about his future (if he decides to return at all).
  • Hakeem Nicks was mildly productive for the Colts, picking up the pace down the stretch into the playoffs.  He is also an unrestricted free agent and there hasn't been any indication whether or not he will return.
  • Duron Carter was signed out of the CFL earlier this month.  His deal was the definition of a "prove it" contract (only $25,000 fully guaranteed), but if he does prove to be a viable option, he will need to be given playing time as well.

My gut tells me that Wayne will sign a short-term deal, likely a year, to return for his 15th NFL season.  My gut also tells me that Hakeem Nicks will wind up with a different team in 2015.  If those two things hold true, here's how I'd project the WR depth chart:

1. T.Y. Hilton
2. Reggie Wayne
3. Donte Moncrief
4. Duron Carter
5. Griff Whalen

Grabbing a new play-maker is must for the Colts this spring, whether it's by way of the draft, trade or free agency, they have to get someone to replace Wayne when he does decide to hang it up.  Also, what if Duron Carter doesn't pan out? Moncrief and Hilton just wouldn't be enough.  Brandon Marshall would fit the bill.  He was injured for a large part of last season, but his talent is undeniable.  When Chicago traded for Marshall in 2012, the price tag was two 3rd round draft picks.  His character was a concern at that point, but he was also only 27.  If Indy could snag Marshall for a single 3rd round pick or later, they'd have to pull the trigger.  Picture this: Luck under center with T.Y. Hilton on one side, Brandon Marshall the other, Reggie Wayne in slot and Coby Fleener on the line.  Who wouldn't like that image?

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