We made it to 2019!  Now let's look back at your favorite concerts you attended on this #TBT.  

What group or artist did you see here locally or some other place that left you feeling like you would just love to see them again?  Here's some of mine:

  • Bruno Mars - Bankers Fieldhouse, Indy
Bruno Mars Indy 8-13-17
  • Journey - Ford Center, April 2017
Journey credit by Deb Turner
  • Peter Frampton - Ford Center, June 2018
Peter Frampton at the Ford Center; credit by Deb Turner
  • Bon Jovi - (Starview 92 radio station - York, PA), Hersheypark Arena, '80's
Jon Bon Jovi - credit by Deb Turner
  • America - Hersheypark, Evansville, Indy
  • Earth Wind & Fire - Philly, Indy
  • Eagles - Nashville
  • Doobie Brothers - Hersheypark, Evansville, Indy
  • Heart - Hersheypark
  • Josh Groban - Roberts Stadium
  • John Mellencamp - Hersheypark Arena
  • Live Aid in Philadelphia
  • Michael Jackson - Philly

That's just some of the concerts I've loved!  There's too many to mention here.  What's some of your favorite shows?  If you haven't been to any concerts, who would you like to see?