Princeton, Indiana is just a tiny dot on the map, with a population of less than 9,000. Princeton is getting worldwide attention thanks to Jackie Young, also known as #justakidfromprinceton

Just in case you're waiting to watch the Olympics later on a streaming app - Spoiler Alert - Team USA won the Gold Medal in the Women's 3x3 Basketball. This is a brand new sport in the Olympics, so that makes the gold even more special.

Jackie Young is one of the four women on the U.S. Olympic team. After another player tested positive for COVID-19, Jackie was plucked out of Las Vegas, where she averages 23 points a game with the WBNA  team, Las Vegas Aces.

Jackie was actually on a break from basketball, because of the Olympics, but thankfully, she was ready to head to Tokyo at a moment's notice. Olympic Gold Medalist is now added to the many accolades that Jackie has already earned.

  • Indiana All-Time Scoring Leader
  • IHSAA State Champion
  • NCAA Champion
  • 1st Overall Pick in WNBA
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It would be very easy to get cocky, especially after biting that gold medal, but Jackie is the most humble and grateful person you'll meet. Princeton Community High School Coach Matt Moade gave me a little bit of Jackie's background.

"She started out playing basketball in the Salvation Army League, then went to the Boys Club for elementary school leagues. Once Jackie hit middle school she went to the EBA in Evansville and started playing against high school girls."

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We watched her play and win that GOLD - Now it's time to welcome our Olympic Gold Medalist home!


Immediately after the parade, parents and North Gibson School Corporation students are invited to the Back to School Backpack Bash at Lafayette Park. Jackie's sponsor, Puma, has some very special backpacks for the first 250 students!

Princeton Shows Support for Jackie Young in the Tokyo Olympic Games

Mayor Wright, Common Council, and the City of Princeton are extremely proud to have Jackie Young representing the USA at the 2021 Olympics. We encourage all our citizens and businesses to "Paint the City" in red, white, and blue.

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