If you've driven past Eastland Mall in the past week or so, you probably noticed a lot cars in the parking lot of BJ's Brewhouse. While they don't officially open until Monday, August 26, 2019, they offered a free trial, for people that had reservations to their 'Dress Rehearsal'. This is an opportunity for the staff to practice getting everything just right. Our waitress, Regan, is practically a professional, after dealing with me and my work friends! The soft opening featured select entrees, so they could get practice making everything on the menu. All of the food was free, and the beer sales during the preview, were actually a fundraiser for The BJ’s Restaurants Foundation. The foundation is a registered non-profit dedicated to supporting charities benefiting children’s healthcare and education. Its primary focus is on the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

I was pretty excited that we sat in the section offering flatbreads. After confirming that their were no onions or funny business on it, I ordered the Margherita Fresca Flatbread:

Fresh mozzarella | zesty pizza sauce | fresh basil | parmesan cheese

Bjs Brewhouse Flatbread - Liberty

Bobby went with a pasta. He had the Shrimp Scampi with extra parmesean:

Sauteed jumbo shrimp | spaghetti | garlic butter sauce | diced tomatoes | garlic | fresh basil | parsley | parmesan cheese

Bobby G

Ryan had the Honey-Crisp Chicken Salad:

Romaine | iceberg lettuce | fried chicken tenders | toasted almonds | cucumbers | hard-boiled egg | sweet corn | tomatoes | honey mustard dressing

Bjs Brewhouse Salad - Liberty

Kendra tried the Classic Prime Rib Dip:

Sliced, slow-roasted prime rib | toasted hoagie roll | au jus | creamy horseradish served on the side | side of BJ's signature coleslaw | served with fries

Bjs Brewhouse Sandwich - Liberty

Then, we were able to sample some of their signature desserts - The Pizookie. There are so many yummy choices, but we could only pick 3. So, we went with the Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Chunk & Monkey Bread. They are served warm, and topped with ice cream. The menu does have a Gluten Free option, which is very exciting!

Bjs Brewhouse Pizookie - Liberty

Take a peek inside:

Bjs Brewhouse Bar - Liberty
Bjs Brewhouse Inside - Liberty

At BJ’s, we are proud to have developed the Women’s Career Advancement Network (“WeCan”) to serve as a resource for the professional and personal development of women team members.

Bjs Brewhouse Soft Opening