Our studios are located in Downtown Evansville, so when we get hungry, there are several great places to grab a bite, without driving. One of our favorites is Emge's Deli. It's always a go-to when co-workers want to eat with me, because I can always find at least one thing on their menu that I love. It's usually a grilled cheese, but last time, I enjoyed french toast for lunch.

Now, we will have to go for a little road trip to visit our friends at Emge's Deli, Ice Cream, and pizza. Their new location will be off of First Ave in the Northbrook Shopping Center, down from Schnucks, and across from Old National Bank.

Photo: Ross
Photo: Ross

I'm sure they have seen Downtown Evansville change so much over the 45 years. I didn't even realize that Emge's had been around that long! In their Facebook statement, they tell the story of their humble beginnings with meat. cheese and mayo. That's actually all I would need LOL.

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Emge's Deli, Pizza and Ice Cream Facebook
Emge's Deli, Pizza and
Ice Cream Facebook

Emge's final day Downtown will be March 19, 2021.

It is with sad and happy news that we announce Emge’s Deli is leaving downtown after 45 years. Jan and her husband Tom bought the business in October 1975. It was In the alley behind then Luring News and Doerner Sporting Goods. It was a meat processing company with a small deli in which you could only get meat cheese and mayo nothing else LOL. They then took the deli and made it their own and the menu grew. They always knew their customers by name and what they ate. They then had to move to the current location when they were told the building would be demolished. We have seen a lot of things change in downtown over the years and made many friends. Unfortunately, they have other plans for this building that they have been looking at doing for years so we will be moving to Northbrook shopping center down from Schnucks, across from old national at first Avenue and Buena Vista we will have a pick up window.
Indoor and outdoor seating so you can still swing in for your favorites! Our last day downtown will be March 19. We will miss everyone but hope to see familiar faces at our new location

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