When you are planning the the biggest week-long food street festival on Earth, sometimes an oops can happen. I actually use the word oops on the daily, because stuff happens.

Well, imagine trying to put together the holy grail of menus...THE WEST SIDE NUT CLUB FALL FESTVAL Munchie Map. There are over 130 nonprofit booths to list, and share what they are serving up. It's basically the West Side bible for the first full week in October.

Oh The Changes

There was no Fall Festival in 2020, and last year several booths opted out. This caused the Munchie Map to have some changes. Now in 2022, there are some different booths and new menus that were accidentally left out.

Never Fear - Help Is Here

The Nut Clubbers put out the ask on social media, so they can make sure that the new booths and menus are available. All of the volunteers work so hard all year to make sure things run perfectly, and this is a good example of fixing an oops.


First of all, if you would like to volunteer in a booth that does not have a fryer, Perry Heights can use the help. See the sign-up times HERE.

  •  Grippos Crusted Grilled Cheese
  •   Jalapeño Popper Filled Grilled Cheese
  •  Koolickles (KoolAid soaked pickles) they are a huge hit!
  •  Caramel Apple Cider Slushes
  •   SKI soda and Bottle Waters

Bethany Christian Church Booth #24

  • West Sider Ski Cheesecake (optional Grippo's topping)

Evansville Day School Booth #110

  • Nest Nachos: made with BBQ Grippo's

Building Blocks Booth #126

  • Chicken Quesadilla
  •  Chislic
  • Beef Empanadas
  •  Cheesecake on a stick
  •  Popeye salad wrap

Harwood Booster-Club Booth #99

  • Deep fried pumpkin pie
  • Footlong Bratwurst
  •  Kool-Aid pickles
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Volunteer Opportunities

PERRY HEIGHTS BOOTH #9  See the sign-up times HERE

ITV at the 2022 Fall Festival See the sign-up times HERE

NEW BOOTH: Young & Established Booth #122

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