I think it is very safe to say that we all need a good laugh this year.  Well, what’s a better way to get a good laugh than by seeing a grown man in tights dance around a bunch of high schoolers?  In my opinion, not too many.  It’s a school pick-up that one young lady will not forget for quite some time.

So, imagine yourself being sixteen again.  It’s the week before Christmas and all you can think about is not having to sit through another boring class for two weeks.  Ahh, those were the days.  What you probably aren’t thinking of is seeing your dad prancing around the school parking lot in yellow tights.  For miss Alayna Sumison, that’s exactly what she got.

As you can see her dad “Buddy” was so excited to be picking his daughter up from school that he was yelling it to the world.  Not only was he so excited he was also spreading some Christmas cheer.  The dad, Greg, said that he just wanted to make his kids smile during this holiday season because it has been such a weird year.  I think he nailed it, honestly.  Not only did he give his daughter the surprise of her young life but he is also bringing joy to all of us because, of course, this video has gone viral.

I guess it really is true what Buddy the Elf says,

“The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

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