As a young man of 24 I am sad to say that some of my hair is starting recede.  Luckily, it isn’t horrible but it’s still happening.  That being said there is still a point where it gets a little too long.  Another luxury we tend to take for granted is getting a trained professional to give us a hand when that happens.  Yesterday, I learned this the hard way.

For the last couple of weeks my girlfriend has been begging me to let her cut my hair.  Mind you she has NO experience in this field.  However, I finally broke and let her have at it.  Everything started out fine.  I sat on my stool in the kitchen and let her buzz through my hair one inch at a time.

Everything was going fine until I heard a loud zip at the back of my head.  I immediately knew something was off but I didn’t say anything….and neither did she.  The haircut continued on for a few more minutes then came another loud zip.   This time on the opposite side.  Again, no words were said between the two of us.  She finally finished up, looked me over and seemed pretty pleased with her work.

It wasn’t until hours later when my hair settled that she acknowledged the loud zips.  Come to find out not only had she given me two new bald spots on the back of my head but the entire left side of my head was as choppy as the ocean on a stormy day.  Now guess who wanted a chance to fixer her mistakes….

Cut to 9pm on a Sunday night. I’m standing half naked in the bathtub, and my girlfriend is going through my hair with a comb and a pair of scissors. To her credit, she did fix the chops. However, there was nothing that could be done to cover up the bald spots. Moral of the story here; never let your girlfriend cut your hair unless she is a professional and for those of you who cut hair for a living, know that your services are truly appreciated and that I miss you.

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